custom plastic forming in SC

About Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc.

Our Focus is on Your Success

Our result is driven by producing exactly what you need and want, creating a plastic solution that meets specifically, your form-fit and function requirements.  Our value-added services help us to offer a complete tailored made- complete solution. 


Our in-house tooling, mold production and engineering capabilities help to ensure manufacturability of your need with attention to cost reduction and avoidance.  Utilization of our mold and tooling capabilities can positively impact turn around times in getting an idea into production and can sometimes even reduce set up costs.

The Ehren-Haus Difference

Our 35 years of plastics experience combines engineering and materials analysis with quality manufacturing processes resulting in the best plastic solutions.  Process integrity is the key to superior process repeatability and quality when executing plastic cutting, bending, annealing, bonding, fusing, forming, vacuum forming, drape forming, polishing, routing, CNC plastic machining service, CNC routing and assembly.  Value added services such as sourcing initiatives, final assembly and pack-out, drop shipping, repackaging -relabeling & inventory management when needed creates an even more a complete solution.  

What do you need?  Why not send us an email – give us a call – let’s explore if what we do matches what you need.  There is no cost to exploring the possibilities.

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