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Plastic manufacturing and fabrication involves expertise in many manufacturing processes. Plastic bending or line bending is one of the many plastic manufacturing processes. It is utilized to bend the plastic material or plastic sheets in a straight line in order to manufacture plastic products. Line bending is basically a malleable thermoforming process. It requires softening of plastic sheets until it reaches specific malleability by heat-treating the plastic material. Once the plastic is softened then it can be bent using a jig fixture or a former. This plastic forming process is absolutely precise yet demands very limited tooling. This process is employed for the manufacturing of products like display stands, binder’s acrylic tables, medical equipment, and casings, etc. Although the process of line bending sounds easy it is quite a contradictory scenario. It demands skilled operators and quality equipment for precise quality plastic product manufacturing. Ehren -Haus Industries, Inc. offers plastic line bending services for a broad range of plastic materials.

Plastic Bending Capabilities of Ehren-Haus

At Ehren-Haus, we offer high-quality plastic bending services. Being a prominent plastic manufacturing services company, we have invested in technology over the years. The following plastic bending capabilities allow us to serve our clients efficiently.

Single Fold or Multifold Plastic Bending

We are well-equipped with the strip heaters, line bending jigs and fixtures, and automated bending machines. Thus, at our plastic production machine shop, we can bend plastic sheets under several configurations like single fold, dual fold, multifold, etc. Due to multi-foldability, we can go for complex product designs.

Despite line bending being a thermoforming process, the polycarbonate materials like PETG can be cold bent. In this process, the material is not heated to soften but is bent on the strip heater. Break press is used for performing cold bending. At Ehren-Haus we perform cold line bending for specific materials.

Temperature Variable Line Bending

We are equipped with industrial ovens and heaters, which helps us provide temperature variable line bending for a varying range of polymers. For example, we perform, line bending for ABS at a temperature range of 127° C to 204° C. whereas, for PMMA, the temperature range varies from 149° C to 218° C.

We use advanced equipment for line bending, which enables us to customize the intricate designs online bent products. Owing to our efficiency in precise single and multifold line bending, we can manufacture plastic products with various edge angles and dimensions.

Bending Using Automatic Bending Equipment

Our machine shop is equipped with automatic bending machines, which allow rapid line bending production. For bulk manufacturing, we opt for plastic bending automatic bending machine so that dimensional equality, bend angle precision, etc are achieved.

We are capable of bending plastic material sheets of a total length up to 2440mm and of thickness range from 2mm to 20mm. The thickness and length of plastic and thickness of the plastic sheet vary according to the product requirements.

Bending Using Single Strip Heaters

Our operators are well-versed with the line bending technique. Therefore, we can perform precise, quick, and multifold/multi-bend production by using a basic single strip heater. Owing to this quality, we are capable of line bending even without any advanced equipment.



List of Plastic Materials We Can Bend

We offer line bending services for plastic materials such as :

  • PMMA

  • Plexiglas

  • Polycarbonate

  • PET-A

  • PET-G

  • Perpex

  • ABS

  • Acrylic

  • Styrene

  • HDPE

  • UHMW

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropelene

Benefits of Choosing Line Bending Services by Ehren-Haus

At Ehren-Haus, we offer line bending services to meet the diverse bending requirements of our clients. We believe that the following benefits offered by our line bending services have contributed to their immense popularity.


Since the process of line bending demands no special-purpose machinery, it is quite a cost-efficient process. The cost of material and jig or fixtures along with heating devices add up to a comparatively less expense of other plastic forming processes.

Experienced Operators

The line bending process may be simple but it requires experience and expert operators. We have operators with over 25 years of experience in line bending. Therefore, we can offer extremely precisely dimensioned products with optimum quality.

Cost Savings

nly tool requirement in line bending is a strip heater and bending fixture. However, we have equipped our machine shops with automatic bending equipment so enhance the speed, quality, and product uniformity in our line bending services.

Quick Turn-around Time

Line bending is a rapid forming process. The simplicity of the line bending process allows us to assure short turn-around times.

Custom Designs

Line bending process being an easy yet effective fabrication process offers customizability. The plastic products of various dimensions and various materials can be manufactured by using the line bending process.


Our production is compliant to ISO 9001 and ISO 9100 quality standards, which allows us to stay true to our quality commitment.

Are you looking for experienced and trusted custom plastic bending services? If yes, then you can totally trust us. If you intend to source the line bending services, then please feel free to contact us today.

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