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Our in house processes when executed in combination and/ or  separately, exemplify the best plastic fabrication, forming and machining practices and techniques.  The results are superior to industry standards and because we have in house tooling, mold and pattern making, the results often surpass our customer's expectations. We build to print, build to specification so you get exactly what you need and want.   The processes used are dependent on the project materials.  Ehren-Haus has 35+ years of experience working with all types of plastics and composites.  Like any company - we like some better than others - as some just out perform others, but we don’t shy away from those that are difficult to work with. Below please find a few processes that are used to produce results.

cnc routing & machining

CNC Routing & Machining

 CNC Routing & machining on split beds such as  - 60" x 120" accomplishes such processes  as precision cutting, drilling, scoring, tapping and planning to create  very simple to extremely complex shapes, parts and pieces. The use of CNC machines allows for constancy and reliability from part to part and lot to lot.  We spend time at perfecting the programing before we put material on the bed. If you can send your own files - that is welcome - and the programing is then less costly.

vacuume forming

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming is accomplished by heating a piece of material and allowing it to soften just enough that it can be dropped over a mold. A vacuum pulls the material down over the mold allowing it to conform to the mold. Once cool it then retains the shape of the mold. Parts requiring molds as large as 48" x 96" or as small as 1" x 2", can often be accommodated through vacuum forming.  Think of domes and covers, bezels and chutes - all are good examples of vacuum formed parts.

Line Bending

Utilization of line bending allows for a small area - to be heated in a controlled process.  The area softens and permits bending without distortion or breakage creating shapes  when cooled. Line bending is best utilized when it is unwise to heat an entire piece - either because of the material characteristics or the shape desired.  Ehren-Haus has the technology and techniques to utilize line bending across a sheet in more than 1 area as the project dictates. Bends as short as 1 " to as long as 10' with varying thicknesses can be achieved using both top and bottom heat.   The position of the heat lines and the time of exposure is critical to its success.

Trimming, Drilling & Tapping

Secondary operations & processes such as trimming, drilling, tapping, can utilize CNC technology or precision mounted equipment set-up to accomplish a specific result  and will often require in house tooling capabilities. Additional techniques of bonding & assembly can be accomplished using tried and true techniques  of chemical and adhesion bonding, welding, and mechanical fastening.  Most projects additionally will need edge finishing, such as round routing and/or polishing in order to smooth out the edges.

trimming, drilling & tapping

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