Plastic Displays

Plastic Displays

At Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc., we fabricate and form POP (Point-to-Purchase), and POS (Point-to-sale) displays for various industry segments. Some typical materials chosen for displays are acrylic (in clear, colored, translucent transparent opaque), and Polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, and HIPS (in white, black, and all colors). Displays can be made available in custom shapes and sizes. We can blend wood and metal in conjunction with plastic to create unique displays. Over the years, we have built strong partnerships with trusted partners in the printing and imaging industries to optimize our capabilities in customized displays. We can provide displays featuring brand images, logos, fonts, and other special characters.

Displays are the most convenient items used for indirect marketing, branding, and selling of various items. You often find them in malls, retail stores, and billing counters to display various products from cosmetics to food items.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. Apart?

At Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc., we strongly believe that every business is different, and so are its requirements. We do not believe in the concept of standard sizes or items. We design, develop and manufacture displays specifically for individual customers using processes of plastic fabrication and vacuum forming. We do not have “standard” displays – each is created for a specific customer and their needs. Our success in helping customers with their display needs is focusing on the brand identity and working on a customized solution. Quality materials, user-friendly designs, world-class engineering, and competitive prices have helped us become one of the leading manufacturers.

What is Our Process?

We accept designs for Plastic Displays in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. Our team works with customers to understand their business requirements and expectations from retail displays. Once that is clear, we design, develop, and deliver solutions that satisfactorily meet their requirements and offer the best value for the investment. Any design changes are suggested in the initial stages. The prototype building begins after seeking their approval.


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    Typical Materials Chosen for Various Plastic Displays

    Materials are a matter of personal choice for the image that is to be achieved and the environment the display will be in. While acrylic displays are quite common, especially on retail shelves and billing counters, we offer displays made of a variety of plastics. At Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc., we make displays using the following materials:


    This type of plastic is not only rugged but clear and transparent. Hence, it offers the best cut when it comes to see-through showcases, barriers, and shelves. You can also get them in various colors without compromising on the transparency feature. Although stiff, this material is easy to fabricate. It has amazing adhesive bonding properties and can be easily glued to wood or any other base material. It is highly durable and resembles glass in many ways, yet is lightweight and easily movable. Acrylic is dimensionally stable and can resist various weather conditions. It is often used to display cosmetics and related products which need a certain aesthetic appeal. Often, it is used as a brochure holder as it helps highlight the specifics. Acrylic finds applications in lighting systems, architectural glazing, and so on apart from the regular display applications.


    This is strong, rugged and transparent thermoplastic with a solid impact resistance and amazing optical clarity. It finds applications in POP displays apart from various uses across industries. It comes in various colors, and is abrasion resistant. It is used for food product display when made following the FDA guidelines.

    High impact polystyrene (HIPS)

    This type of plastic is cost effective and easy to fabricate. This thermoforming plastic is also robust can be designed to make countertop displays and retail displays which need to be accommodated in compact spaces.

    Wood & Metals

    Any of the above plastics can be combined with wood and metals to achieve the functionality, longevity and look needed within the display environment.

    Types of Plastic Displays Fabricated by Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc.

    At Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc., we regularly fabricate and manufacture countertops, floors, rotating, stationary, hinged and/or locking doors, dispensers, and literature holders into a POP or POS display. Plastic fabrication, CNC plastic parts machining and vacuum forming can be used to achieve the desired display look.

    Countertop displays

    These are generally spotted at billing counters and made of polystyrene, which can be designed to fit in small areas. Generally, for marketing purposes and prompting last moment purchases, these are loaded with offer-base products or small items one may skip when buying.

    Food displays

    These are covered displays for obvious reasons and need to comply with FDA requirements of food display and storage.

    Literature displays

    As the term implies, you will find acrylic shelves and small countertops with all sorts of books, such as the small ones with thin, coffee table books and the big ones with bestsellers, and so on.

    Pocket displays

    These are pocket-sized or small display boards or racks which can be mounted on a wall in a row and column structure or as required. So, each sheet or rack is like a pocket where any document can be inserted inside to be viewed by all. It is commonly used in offices and industrial units.

    End cap displays

    These are the racks mounted at the end of an aisle in a retail store. Alternatively, they are kept near the billing counters and stocked with probable last-minute purchase items.

    Restaurant displays

    These are the medium to large menu boards hung on restaurant walls with LED lighting inside. It gives the customer an easy access to the menu card with better visibility.

    Spinning displays

    Used to hang jewelry, watches, and related items. These displays can be rotated in clockwise and anticlockwise manners. You can have four or five separate parts inside the display so that when you rotate 90 degrees, you can view the collection on the next part.

    Retail displays

    These are basically shelves and racks spotted in most superstores which offer easy access and visibility to customers for checking the item and buying it.

    Communication Boards

    Plastic marquees offering brand specific information on various in 1 location. Can be 2,3 or even 4 sided with eye catching graphics.

    Why Choose Ehren-Haus for Your Custom Plastic Displays

    Here are some reasons for choosing us for all you displays-related requirements:

    We are experts in customization, and therefore have an edge over others by offering unique made-to-order displays. All this is done after a thorough gathering of information and analysis of the brand, product, and display location.

    We use our own in-house processes to study and understand your requirements and come up the best deal for you within your budget.

    We offer brand labeling services to clients who have extremely specific or niche requirements.

    We are not focused on the order volume but the quality of our product. So, we accept all quantities of orders 1 to 1000 + units.

    Although we offer end-to-end solutions and assistance through all the stages from ideation, we encourage your design ideas, too. You can send your files in CAD, IGS, or DXF formats.

    All our displays are sturdy yet flexible, weather and abrasion resistant, can be constructed for indoor as well as outdoor use as applicable.

    If you need any kind of standing, hanging, enclosed, standalone, or open-case display for your application, you can go through our collection for ideas or submit your own. You can rely on us in terms of quality and service. We offer all the assistance you may need to find the best solution that will showcase your brand. For any further questions and inquiries on our display capabilities, contact us by emailing or calling (803) 431-2256.

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