Face Mask Clips

Face Mask Clips

Ehren-Haus is one of the few manufacturers specializing in fabricating, CNC plastic machining and producing adjustable face mask holder clips used with hearing aid-friendly masks. Our face mask clips will prevent the mask from slipping, falling, and even from tightening against your ears. We design, fabricate and manufacture various types of plastic mask clips made from different plastic materials.

Face masks have become a new normal post COVID. It has become an important part of our safety routine. The WHO and other leading government bodies are insisting that people wear masks while stepping out. The face masks are manufactured in bulk in specific sizes. In addition to these, the people who use hearing aids may have special needs. Although there are several behind-the neck and hearing aid-friendly face masks available, still, they may not be accessible to everyone. The regular masks are not customized to meet these needs, this is where mask clips come to aid. They help keep the mask in place behind the ear without dislocating the hearing aid that one may use. These clips are also known as face mask holder clips or face mask modification clips.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Apart?

Ehren-Haus has been actively collaborating with hearing aid manufacturers since 2020 and have processed huge orders for face mask strap clips in different materials. We can provide these mask clips in custom specifications. The competitive prices offered on bulk orders make us one of the most favored choices of plastic mask clips for hearing aid manufacturers, suppliers in the US to make sure their customers are well serviced. Our well-equipped facility and access to high-end raw material suppliers enable us to process bulk orders of custom face mask clips.

What is Our Process?

We accept designs in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. The designs are analyzed and discussed with the client for clarity. Any design changes are suggested in the initial stages. The prototype building begins after seeking their approval.


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    Features and Specifications of Plastic Mask Clips by Ehren-Haus

    The features and specifications of plastic mask clips by Ehren-Haus are listed below.


    Adjustability is one of the biggest benefits of our face mask clips for special hearing aid masks. Our mask clips can easily withstand extension stresses, are flexible, and adaptable according to face shapes and sizes. Our plastic mask clips offer extreme comfort during usage.


    They are made of high density polyethylene material, which makes them extremely flexible, lightweight, manageable, yet strong.


    Being plastic made, our face mask clips are easy to clean and they can withstand sanitization and even washing. Our mask clips can be customized for different shapes, sizes, weights, colors, and transparency.


    They relieve users from irritation, abrasions, and blisters that are formed on ears due to mask strings behind the hearing aid. The mask clips comprise multiple notches on them, which makes the adjustment easy. The use of the clip helps keep the hearing aids in place.

    Why Choose Ehren-Haus for Plastic Mask Clips?

    At Ehren-Haus, we are passionate about plastic fabrication services and have always strived to achieve perfection in everything we do. The following capabilities have helped us immensely to serve our clients better.

    All designing, manufacturing, and testing is performed in-house at Fort Mill, South Carolina.

    We possess more than 30 years of experience in plastic and composite materials, manufacturing processes and improvement analysis. All these makeus assure the shortest turnaround times on all complex projects.

    Ehren-Haus is ISO ISO9000, FDA- Class 1, NAICS, and FSC certified, which helps us assure the top notch quality always.

    The attention to detail that our experts put in every project assures us ensure accuracy and quality. This detailing approach has helped us build strong relationships with our customers.

    We can perform prototype building to full scale production with equal ease.

    In addition to these, we also specialize in the design, fabricating and manufacturing of several safety-driven components such as custom build sneeze guards, face shields, and PPE solutions.

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