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 Providing customer specific solutions in Plastics and beyond using CNC routing, Machining & Forming supported with value added-services.  Be it a prototype, first article or full production we are results driven, quality focused.  We utilize the science of plastics combined with today's technology and a bit of art sprinkled in which yields exactly what you need, on time and at a fair price.  What are you trying to achieve?


 Driven by the projects base material, appropriate processes are chosen to achieve the desired Form- Fit  & Function.  CNC Routing, machining, forming, bending, bonding, and numerous other in-house operations coupled with 35+ years of experience and unique techniques create the customer specific unique solution.  Traceability processes assure Certificate of Conformity with each order.  How can we help you?


Valued added services are utilized to achieve, enhance and provide a total solution.  Reverse and value engineering, material analysis, fulfillment & warehousing as well as re-labeling & re-packaging have all been added as a direct response to our customer's needs.  We are process oriented which produces the results our customers need. What do you need to accomplish your goals?  


 At Ehren-Haus Industries Fort Mill South Carolina, we are committed to your success. Contact us today for any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ehren-Haus Industries Inc.


Where the Science of Plastics Meets Today’s Technologies

Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. is a fully integrated development & manufacturing company where the science & technology of plastics is the foundation of all we do. Utilizing material and process expertise and analysis, engineering and design review, research & development experience and full in house plastic manufacturing capabilities, our customers receive complete solutions to their exclusive specifications, requirements and needs. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to ensure consistency, quality, and efficiency in developing a new product or optimizing an existing one. Our dedicated program managers work directly with you to determine exactly what you want and/ or need. Nothing more - nothing less. We are committed to your success. 

As a custom plastic fabricators, we employ a variety of techniques like CNC machining, CNC dual routing, vacuum forming, mold/tool making, bonding/fusing/annealing, and bending/polishing to design and manufacture durable, reliable, precise, and attractive plastic products. We also provide secondary operations and processes such as trimming, tapping, drilling, and so on. No order is small to us; be it building a prototype or a full volume production, we are ready for both. We have met this requirement right from the first day by working closely with customers. This has helped us gain an understanding of the requirements across industries. We believe the understanding of people, plastics, and their requirements coupled with our technology investments has helped us become a well-known custom plastic fabrication service provider in South Carolina and throughout the US. We assure high quality craftsmanship, fast turnaround times, affordable pricing, and above all a complete commitment towards materializing your goal.

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"I did want to add thank you for all that you have done on these last couple of orders.  I know we have been pushing for both delivery and quality and you have excelled on both.  Please pass along to the appropriate individuals!"

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