Flame Polishing

Flame Polishing

At Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc., we specialize in various types of plastic polishing techniques including flame polishing and buff polishing for simple to complex plastic parts that work for you!

What is Flame Polishing Plastic Products?

Flame polishing is a surface finish technique for plastic or glass products. In this process, the product surface or edges are directly exposed to an open flame to melt the surface layer. As the product surface is exposed to the flame for a specific time, the surface layer partially melts. The partial melting of the surface layer causes surface tension that smoothens the surface.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. Apart?

We have a 28,169 sq. ft. large industrial facility dedicated to plastic fabrication, CNC plastic machining, design, manufacturing, storage, pre-processing, and post-processing activities, out of which polishing is one of the special services of Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. Our facility is highly equipped, and therefore, we are capable of offering in-house flame polishing plastics as we have procured the required equipment. We possess 35 years of experience and a great reputation, and our employees are highly skilled, highly experienced, and experts in their respective fields. Thus, our flame polishing plastic product services are only performed by workers with critical skills and long-term hands-on experience.

What is Our Process?

We accept designs in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. The designs are analyzed and discussed with the client for clarity. Any design changes are suggested in the initial stages. The prototype building begins after seeking their approval.


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    Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. Flame Polishing Plastic Product Capabilities

    We employ the following plastic flame polishing methods to improve the aesthetic appeal and utility of plastic products.

    Edge Polishing

    Since the flame size of the oxy-hydrogen flame gun can be adjusted easily for flame polishing, the thin edges of the plastic products can be polished. We polish the edges of width 1 ½ʺ to 2ʺ i.e., 38-51 mm. Our skilled flame polishing operators are capable of fine polishing the product edges for reducing sharpness, waviness, etc.

    Face Polishing

    Product face polishing can be efficiently done by using a broad flame of an oxy-hydrogen flame gun. There are two types of faces in the product design: the outer faces and the inner faces. We are capable of surface finishing the inner and outer faces of plastic products.

    – Product Outer Surface Polishing: The outer faces or surfaces of the plastic products can be finished by using flame polishing. We are capable of surface finishing the faces of sizes between 6ʺ to 12ʺ i.e., 150 to 300 mm at a time.

    – Product Inner Surface Polishing: Surface finishing of the inner faces of the products is a little complicated as compared to outer faces. However,  we can polish the inner surfaces of the products by using flame polishing. It does demand critical operator skills. Since the inner faces are restricted by the design of products, the operator must adjust and move the flame gun precisely. Otherwise, it can cause a surface-under-layer burn, uneven surface finish, etc. We have skilled and highly experienced operators at Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. who can finish the inner faces of intricate plastic products.

    Benefits of Flame Polishing Plastic Products

    The following benefits of flame plastic polishing make it a suitable plastic surface finishing technique over sand, buff, or solvent polishing.

    No Pre-Processing Required

    The flame plastic polishing method does not demand any pre-processing on the surface. Unlike other surface polishing methods, flame plastic polishing requires no pre-heating, solvent etching, or sand polishing. It can be performed directly on the manufactured product surface. This reduces the turnaround time of finished products, therefore, we are capable of offering quick surface polishing.

    ​No Restriction on Product Size or Shape

    Plastic products of any shape and size can be subjected to flame polishing. Straight as well as curved surfaces can be finished. Because the flame intensity can be adjusted, the smallest and most intricate parts of the product can be finished, provided the operator is highly skilled and precise with the finishing work.

    Single Equipment Working

    An oxy-hydrogen flame gun is the only equipment required for flame plastic polishing. The flame gun can suffice for all types, sizes, and shapes of plastic products.

    Quick Processing

    Since flame polishing is a post-manufacturing process, it is required to be precise, yet quick. Flame polishing offers rapid finishing as no pre-processing is required and the molten layer of plastic product settles instantly after smoothening. Therefore, surface finishing using the flame polishing method takes a fraction of the overall production time.

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