Plastic Components

Plastic Components

Ehren-Haus being one of the leading contract plastic manufacturers offers custom plastic component fabricating, CNC plastic machining and manufacturing services.

Plastic component manufacturing is a part of plastic production. Not all products are manufactured in one continuous cycle of production. Often industrial assemblies are quite intricate that the manufacturer has to design and produce them in multiple parts and then assemble all the components/parts in an appropriate order to form an assembly.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Apart?

Since we deal with clients from various industries, the array of plastic components we manufacture is quite expanded. We custom design, fabricate, machine, bend, assembled and develop machined plastic components based on the requirements. We will be happy to deliver you high-quality parts in custom specifications.

What is Our Process?

We accept your plastic components designs for plastic components and parts in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. The designs are analyzed and discussed with the client for clarity. Any design changes are suggested in the initial stages. The prototype building begins after seeking their approval. 

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    Capabilities of Ehren-Haus for Plastic Components Production

    We are capable of offering the following qualities in the machined plastic components manufactured by us.

    Result-focused Customization

    At Ehren-Haus, we focus on implementing all the required features and specifications in the product design. Therefore, we indulge in result-centric customization of plastic components and prototyping to ensure the functionality, interconnectivity, and compatibility of components.

    Appropriate Selection of Material

    We perform material analysis in order to select a material that shall sustain specific requirements like fire-retardant, impact resistance, durability, temperature sustainability, and many more.

    Appropriate Selection of Manufacturing Techniques

    The selected materials may or may not be compatible with some manufacturing techniques. However, in plastic production, one component can be manufactured by multiple manufacturing techniques. Our team at Ehren-Haus, analyzes the compatibility of material and manufacturing processes, in order to select an appropriate manufacturing method and reduce production time.

    Post Production Services

    Our custom plastic components are fabricated using various methods like molding, plastic forming, plastic bending, etc. During certain manufacturing processes, the plastic surface is exposed to temperature and pressure which may cause surface defects like hotspots, roughness, etc. Therefore, we offer post-production services such as flame polishing, plastic painting, etc.

    Top Industrial Quality

    Ehren-Haus is capable of offering custom plastic parts production services of top-notch industry standards as the company is ISO9000 Compliant, FDA- Class 1, NAICS, and FSC certified.

    Different Types of Plastic Components Produced by Ehren-Haus

    We manufacture a wide array of custom plastic components for clients from various industries with several unique requirements. However, the following are a few components that we manufacture on frequent production cycles.

    Plastic Components for Marine Equipment

    Ehren-Haus has a history of working with the US Navy. We have manufactured machined plastic components for marine equipment, etc. By manufacturing expandable bathythermographs we have supported NOAA. We offer custom plastic component manufacturing for marine equipment that demands features like corrosion-resistance, chemical-retardant, pressure-sustainability, etc.

    Plastic Components for Medical Devices

    Medical devices are sensitive and they demand precision and accuracy. Precision in design and manufacturing is essential in medical components production. Ehren-Haus offers custom plastic components manufacturing for private sector medical operations in order to save critical time during emergency medical procedures.

    Tradeshow Displays/ Retail Displays

    We manufacture tradeshow displays and retail displays. However, for certain assemblies, the components like light fixtures, frames, hoarding stands, etc are also manufactured at Ehren-Haus’ facility.

    Custom Light Fixtures

    Custom light fixtures are one of our demanded category of machined plastic components. We manufacture light fixtures of different features and specifications for industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.

    Wall Décor

    We provide easy to assemble, and detachable wall décor like wall panels, which are popular with our commercial and industrial.


    We can provide functional and non-functional prototypes. Over the years, we have delivered prototypes to our clients in medical equipment manufacturing, marine, automobile, etc.

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