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Driven by the projects base material, appropriate processes are chosen to achieve the desired Form- Fit & Function. CNC Plastic Machining, Routing, forming, bending, bonding, and numerous other in-house operations coupled with 35+ years of experience and unique techniques create the customer specific unique solution. Traceability processes assure Certificate of Conformity with each order. How can we help you?

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Our in house processes when executed in combination and/ or separately, exemplify the best plastic fabrication, forming and machining practices and techniques. The results are superior to industry standards and because we have in house tooling, mold and pattern making, the results often surpass our customer’s expectations. We build to print, build to specification so you get exactly what you need and want. The processes used are dependent on the project materials. Ehren-Haus has 35+ years of experience working with all types of plastics and composites. Like any company – we like some better than others – as some just outperform others, but we don’t shy away from those that are difficult to work with. Below please find a few processes that are used to produce results.

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