Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards made of plastic have become a necessity and gained immense popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and they are installed in public institutions such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and so on. These sneeze guards are designed to protect people from exposure to respiratory droplets that are produced during sneezing or coughing. They also help limit the contact between people on both sides of the barrier. At Ehren-Haus, we can fabricate, machine and create sneeze guards to address specific requirements in custom sizes, shapes, and lengths, which makes us the leading choice for businesses that may be looking for customized sneeze guards. Generally, we manufacture plastic sneeze guards for various commercial applications in popular sizes 47.75″ x 23.75″ and 23.75″ x 35.75″, as well as in custom sizes with 2 -4 feet per unit. Some are produced with no feet, for hanging or installing in frames.

We can provide sneeze guards with or without pass through cut out depending on your application requirements. You can share your product designs and application requirements with us. Our team will work with you closely to build functional and reliable sneeze guards that assure safety of people of people on both sides of the barrier. We assure competitive prices on bulk purchases. The more you buy the less you have to pay. You can tell us what you need and we can make it happen!

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    Our Sneeze Guard Manufacturing Expertise

    At Ehren-Haus, we regularly design and deliver the following types of sneeze guards for your industrial application. All plastic sneeze guards can be cleaned using a plastic cleaner or simple soap and water solution. They can be wiped with a soft non-abrasive cloth to keep the surface free of scratches and clouding.

    Permanent Sneeze Guards

    These sneeze guards are permanently set on flat surfaces and countertops, and they are often ordered by our clients who may need continuous protection for their customers.

    Portable Sneeze Guards

    The sneeze guards of this type are suited if they are being used for a short time. They can be easily moved from one place to another. We have been processing several orders for this type of adjustable sneeze guards recently.

    Hanging Sneeze Guards

    A hanging sneeze guard is suspended from the ceiling and it protect the items from contamination.

    Counter-top Sneeze Guards

    These sneeze guards are permanently mounted on flat surfaces or countertops using brackets.

    Custom Sneeze Guards

    Whether you are looking a sneeze guard for school, or a sneeze guard for restaurant, or any other type of commercial sneeze guard, we can help you. Our vast CNC machining experience combined with our in-depth understanding of various types of plastic and industrial requirements enable us to serve our clients better.

    Materials Used to Manufacture Sneeze Guards

    At Ehren-Haus, we usually recommend our clients to use the following materials to build commercial sneeze guards:

    Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheets

    Acrylic sneeze guards are lightweight, scratch resistant, and are affordable, which makes them a popular choice over tempered glass sneeze guards. These sneeze guards can resist yellowing unlike traditional tempered glass sneeze guards. We can provide 1/8" and 1/4" plexiglass sneeze guards for your applications.

    Black & Colored Acrylic Sheets

    We regularly create polycarbonate sneeze guards for applications that require less flammable plastic. Although flexible, these sneeze guards are break resistant than acrylic. We can provide polycarbonate sneeze guards of 1/8".

    Why Choose Ehren-Haus for Your Commercial Sneeze Guards?

    At Ehren-Haus, we are committed to provide quality products in custom specifications. This becomes possible owing to the capabilities we have developed over the years. The following features of our services make us the best choice for your commercial sneeze guards.

    All sneeze guard components are made and assembled at our well-equipped 28,160 sq. feet facility in Fort Mill, SC, where other plastic parts are also manufactured.

    We employ various fabrication techniques like CNC routing, bending, forming and gluing bonding to produce commercial sneeze guards.

    We can process low to high volume, full production runs with the highest levels of accuracy and quality.

    Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 and AS9100 compliant, which help us serve our clients beyond their expectations.

    If you are looking to install quality sneeze guards at your office or business facility, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. Our experts would be happy to help you. Also, have a look at our custom plastic PPE Solutionsplastic fabricationvacuum forming and cnc machining services.

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