Value Engineering Plastics Consulting

Value Engineering Plastics Consulting

Value engineering results typically save time and costs, enhance competitive position, and therefore increase profitability. During these challenging times, taking the time to look for cost reductions, alternative materials, and design changes that don’t impact form, fit, function or quality may be an integral key to the success of your part/product.

What is Value Engineering?

Value engineering is a systematic approach that develops alternatives for consideration with a focus on solving problems, isolating design deficiencies, improving resource efficiency, incorporating new technologies, and reducing costs.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. Apart?

Many plastic distributors advertise themselves as fabricators but don’t offer real value engineering as an add-on to their manufacturing services. Typically, they lack the needed experience and expertise in value engineering to truly benefit their customers. As a true plastic fabricator, former, and machinist, Ehren-Haus, Inc. has the “know-how” to use and execute value engineering and plastics consulting to the benefit of our customers. We approach value engineering and plastics consulting as an integral part of every new project and take every opportunity to share our decades of knowledge and experience with our customers. Our dedicated team solves problems, identifies unwanted costs, and eliminates those costs while preserving the form, fit, function, and quality of our customers’ products/parts.

What is Our Process?

Value engineering and plastics consulting have always been critical elements of what Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. brings to its customers. When given the opportunity, our teams draw on their expertise as they evaluate your project design and process executions. We designed our exclusive value engineering process to identify potential areas of cost reduction, cost avoidance, improved performance, and/or quality that could impact our customers’ acceptance and their bottom line.

We look at material selection, features, equipment, and processes to achieve the needed functions at the lowest cost. Additionally, we ensure the part/product is consistent with performance requirements, quality, reliability, and safety throughout its expected life cycle. Some recommendations are as simple as a change in material, whereas others may entail a design modification. There have even been cases where a simple variation in packaging improved performance and eliminated costs.

The best time to execute value engineering is during the design phase, but it is never too late to analyze the materials and manufacturing processes to identify and remove unnecessary costs. It is always the right time to match products to market demands and improve their quality, reliability, and life cycle costs. In doing so, we eliminate unnecessary and costly requirements when they are no longer needed or required.


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