Mold / Tool Making

Mold / Tool Making

Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. regularly designs and manufactures custom vacuum forming services as well as potting molds for various plastic and electronic applications. Superior quality custom plastic injection molding is an integral part of producing complex and challenging plastic parts. Custom plastic molds are widely used in various plastic manufacturing processes. These molds and patterns are precision designed to improve production efficiency. They are widely used during the repeated production of components or parts. Inferior quality molds get damaged easily and they negatively impact plastic production.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. Apart?

We have not only been molding plastic sheets but also helping other manufacturers optimize their operational efficiencies, reduce waste, accelerate production times, and boost their profits. We specialize in custom plastic injection molding and create simple prototypes to intricate multi-cavity molds in different specifications. Along with advanced CNC machines, we also use CAD and SolidWorks to design tools and molds. In addition to mold making, our experts also support customers by providing tool maintenance and repair services to reduce their production downtime. We assure one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Our team would be happy to assist you with your regular or complex in-house mold and pattern development requirements.

What is Our Process?

We accept designs in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. The designs are analyzed and discussed with the client for clarity. Any design changes are suggested in the initial stages. The prototype building begins after seeking their approval.


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    Types of Custom Plastic Injection Molds Created

    Our plastic mold manufacturing efficiencies allow us to build the following types of molds

    Temporary Molds

    These molds are made from materials with a limited service life. They are less costly than permanent molds and are best suited to be used for small volume low run quantities.

    Family Molds

    This refers to different molds with many similarities and a few dissimilarities. The molds of this type are widely used by manufacturers who offer products with slight variations. Family molds help manufacturers reduce manufacturing costs.

    Permanent Molds

    These molds are generally used during high volume production. We can create permanent molds from metals.

    Mold and Pattern Making Methods and Techniques Employed

    Although plastic is a pliable material, molding plastic sheets is not always easy. It demands technical expertise and technology investments. At Ehren-Haus, we employ the following techniques for plastic mold making.

    CNC Routing and Machining

    Our experienced machinists employ CNC plastic machining, routing and milling to create precision molds. These molds stand out due to their high quality. They can be made from medium to high-density molding boards of HD polyurethane as well as metals like aluminum and stainless steel.


    When appropriate, a mold can be made by pouring casting material into a hollow shape that matches the basic dimensions needed. Further machining can be done to achieve the exact mold requirements.

    Fixtures & Tooling

    Precise tooling and fixtures are critical to repeatability in manufacturing processes. Molds, CNC plastic machining, and casting, coupled with assembly when needed, are used to create fixtures and tooling. Expertly crafted out of plastics, metals, woods, and resin blocks, precise set ups are what make a fixture and tool successful. When the fixture and tool are accurate, the end result is a correct part or unit.

    Types of Plastic Materials We Work With

    We perform plastic mold manufacturing using the following materials:

    plastic material

    Urethane rubber exhibits physical properties such as excellent wear resistance and durability with minimum shrinkage. Urethane molds are suited for the production casting of wax, gypsum, and concrete. Urethane material can be brushed, poured, as well as sprayed on prepared surfaces and can be cured easily. Molds made of urethane are available in a broad range of hardness.

    Solar Tinted Acrylic Sheets

    We regularly produce epoxy molds in different specifications. Epoxy resins possess several properties such as high strength, minimal shrinkage, and excellent adhesion. The molds made of epoxy are highly durable and reliable.

    Clear Acrylic Sheets
    Other Materials

    We can provide molds and patterns made of materials like wood, aluminum, stainless steel and various types of resins.

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