PETG Fabrication and Machining

PETG Fabrication and Machining

Ehren-Haus provides high-quality, customized PETG parts fabrication and machining services for industrial applications. Our vast experience in plastic fabrication and forming coupled with our in-depth understanding of thermoplastic allows assuring of precision, the fastest turnaround times, and competitive prices.

What is PETG?

Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol is one of the popular thermoplastics used in plastic production. It is commonly known as PETG or PET-G. This thermoplastic polymer material is highly popular because of its excellent formability. It offers several unique characteristics that make it an ideal option for plastic production. This material is generally utilized for prototyping as well as manufacturing products for industries like building and construction, décor, displays, packaging and conveying equipment manufacturing, etc. It can be formed by using several techniques but it requires expertise to achieve high quality and precision in PETG parts fabrication and machining.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Apart?

At Ehren-Haus, our experts always go the extra length to understand the advantages of the polymer they are working with. The same goes true for PETG, too. Having been working with different grades of PETG, our experts understand the benefits and weaknesses of each grade and suggest them to clients accordingly. This understanding coupled with the right plastic machining technique has helped us emerge as one of the leading PETG fabrication services in the US. For us, every project is unique. Our experts work with the clients to understand their core application requirements and address the factors like operational environment, operational life, and challenges in depth before offering the solution.

What is Our Process?

We accept design files in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. We always choose optimized product designs, which offer satisfaction in terms of creativity, productiveness, and maximizes ROI. Our experts will start prototyping the building after seeking approval on designs.


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    Types of PETG Fabrication & Machining Services We Offer at Ehren-Haus

    The high formability and machinability of PETG make this material compatible with various plastic fabrication techniques. Here are a few PETG parts fabrication services we can offer based on application requirements.

    PETG Vacuum Forming Services

    We can offer PETG vacuum forming services for hollow components like cases, molds, etc. The PETG sheets are softened by heating to a specific temperature and are exposed to vacuum so that the sheet takes the form of the mold cavity.

    PETG Sheet Bending Services

    PETG sheets can be formed by using bending. We adopt this production technique for manufacturing PETG cases, display boards, panels, etc. We can go for line bending, sheet forming via heat bending, etc for PETG components fabrication.

    PETG Extrusion Services

    PETG can be drawn and extruded easily. We offer thermoformed extrusion services, as a part of our PETG parts fabrication services. This technique is a deal for manufacturing PETG tubes, rods, piping, etc.

    PETG Molding Services

    PETG can be easily molded due to low forming temperatures.

    PETG CNC Machining Services

    We employ various CNC machining services to form features like drills, threads, grooves, etc on PETG components. These PETG machining services by Ehren-Haus are ideal for primary or secondary plastic production services. By using precision CNC machining, we can manufacture complete products or features into a fabricated product.

    PETG Painting, Engraving, and Printing

    Owing to the excellent printability of PETG plastic, Ehren-Haus chooses post-fabrication surface machining services. Under post-fabrication services, we can offer plastic painting, engraving, and printing services to customize the products.

    Secondary Services

    Along with all these PETG fabrication and machining services, we can offer the following secondary services based on requirements.
    • PETG Component Prototyping
    • Custom Design using CAD/CAM Tools
    • Surface Polishing, Laminating, and Coating

    Advantages of Using Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) Parts

    The PETG parts are in high demand owing to the following material properties:

    Impact Strength

    PETG offers good impact strength. It can sustain external impact, vibrations, noise, and mechanical shocks consistently. It offers higher impact resistance as compared to acrylic plastic and also makes a good alternative choice for polycarbonate.

    Chemical Resistance

    It is immune to solvents and alcohols. Therefore, it is suitable for the products exposed to mild chemical environments.

    Light in Weight

    The material is light in weight as compared to other thermoplastic materials. You can easily achieve sturdy, yet lightweight PETG plastic parts.

    High Formability and Machinability

    The formability and machinability of PETG are excellent. This material can be formed using vacuum forming, bending, extrusion, sheet forming, and many other fabrication techniques. This adds flexibility to the design and manufacturing process in PETG machining services.


    PETG is a transparent material. It offers a crystal clear appearance which makes it ideal for transparent parts like display cases, prototypes, décor, etc.

    Excellent Printability

    It is printable. The parts manufactured using PETG machining offer a smooth surface finish and a good response to printing inks.


    It is a completely recyclable thermoplastic resin, therefore, poses minimum harm to the environment.

    FDA Approved

    PETG is an FDA-approved material and therefore is suitable for manufacturing medical components.

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