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The results of our plastic fabrication and forming company are driven by producing exactly what you need and want, creating a plastic solution that meets specific, your form-fit and function requirements. Our value-added services help us to offer completely tailor-made solutions.

Our in-house tooling, mold production, and engineering capabilities help to ensure the manufacturability of your needs with attention to cost reduction and avoidance. Utilization of our mold and tooling capabilities can positively impact turnaround times in getting an idea into production, and can sometimes even reduce setup costs.

The Ehren-Haus Difference

Our 35 years of plastics experience combines engineering and materials analysis with quality manufacturing processes resulting in the best plastic solutions. Process integrity is the key to superior process repeatability and quality when executing plastic cutting, bending, annealing, bonding, fusing, forming, vacuum forming, drape forming, polishing, routing, CNC plastic machining service, CNC routing and assembly. Value-added services such as sourcing initiatives, final assembly and pack-out, drop shipping, repackaging -relabeling & inventory management when needed creates an even more complete solution.

What do you need? Send our plastic fabrication and forming company an email or give us a call; let’s see if what we do matches what you need. There is no cost to exploring the possibilities.

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Better Solutions – Plastics & Beyond

For over 35 years Ehren-Haus industries, Inc. has supported our customers with solutions that best serve our customer’s needs. Our “plastic” solutions and products are achieved with in-house fabrication and forming technologies and techniques. Ingrained in every solution is our dedication to a culture of old-world craftsmanship using modern machines and the right materials. The focus is on producing a solution that makes the customer successful and meets or exceeds their needs.

The art and science of plastic fabrication and forming with our attention to detail and commitment to quality affords us the opportunity to continually expand our offerings and services. We fabricate, machine, and form, ALL kinds of plastics: Acrylic, PETG, Polycarbonate, HDPE, Polyethylene, ABS, HIPS, Styrene, PVC, FPVC, nylon, etc. We continually expanded our skill sets to meet the challenges of our customers. Aside from plastics fabrication and forming such as: cutting, line bending, bonding, forming, polishing & CNC machining, routing, and etching, our in-house tooling capabilities help shorten production times. Having a full tooling, mold, and pattern making department has allowed us to expand our offerings using those skill sets. We can provide aluminum high precision parts such as potting / encapsulation molds for industries including electronics and aerospace.

​What do all these skill sets end up creating? POP displays (i.e. jewelry, snack, pharma, first aid) boxes, guards, covers, dispensers, holders, museum exhibits, tables, signs, bulletin /display boards, lecterns, bezels, machine parts, plastic parts, dispensers, brochure holders, potting molds, fixtures, etc. ALL items/ units are built to the customers’ needs and requirements. We build to print/build to specification. The average order size is 15-150. Order quantity ranges from 1 -10,000. We work and produce from the prototype stage, the test market stage and/or to production runs and execute repeat orders.

Our engineering department practices value engineering on each project. Recommendations are made for cost avoidance and cost reduction which can include material and design recommendations from our practical applications staff. All the efforts are executed to make sure all designs and solutions answer form, fit, and function.

What does that do for you, a potential customer? It gives you a supplier that is an approved source for the Department of Defense, ISO compliant, and registered with the FDA for contract medical device manufacturing as well as medical relabeling and repackaging. It gives you a supplier with a proven track record of extraordinary success producing, on time, the simple and/ or the very complex requests of various industries.

We are a high-quality plastic fabrication and forming company – trustworthy – reliable with attention to detail in all we do.

plastic fabrication area
plastic fabrication area
plastic fabrication area
plastic fabrication area

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