UHMW Fabrication & Machining

UHMW Fabrication & Machining

Ehren-Haus offers UHMW-PE fabrication services using varied techniques and advanced machines and tools. We make these machined parts which are applicable across industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp, textiles, chemicals, mining, wastewater, and so on. We offer specially designed FDA approved UHMW parts for food processing, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

What is UHMW Machining?

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or UHMW is an engineered thermoplastic which, as the term implies, has a high molecular weight above 3.1 million Atomic Mass Unit (AMU). This high molecular weight positively influences the physical and chemical properties of this polymer. This PE is resistant to a number of environmental factors and other parameters such as abrasion.

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What Sets Ehren-Haus Apart?

At Ehren-Haus, we are capable of offering UHMW machined parts through our advanced machining and tooling capabilities. We invest significantly in research and development which helps foster innovation and enables us to meet even the most complex requirements easily. We are a quality-centric organization and ensure stringent testing and inspection procedures. As mentioned we offer UHMW machined parts which are FDA and USDA certified for use in food and medical industries.

What is Our Process?

While we do make standard parts, we offer UHMW fabrication and design end-to-end services, although we accept design files from the client in specific formats such as CAD, IGS, and DXF. We have a skilled and experienced design and engineering team which monitors and analyzes these design files and suggests changes if required. The design is finalized only after the client approval. We offer prototypes before we begin full volume production. If there are changes, the prototype is revised, and the final production begins only once the client approves the prototype.

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    UHMW Fabrication Services

    At Ehren-Haus, we specialize in plastic fabrication services, and perform various plastic machining techniques on in-process as well as finished machined parts. Here are some popular UHMW machining services we offer to build various UHMW parts

    CNC Machining

    As part of our plastic machining services, we perform various techniques as drilling, turning, forming, milling, sawing annealing, and so on. We use automation for repetitive tasks and ensuring perfection and consistency regardless of the volume. This ensures accuracy in terms of shape, size, length, and so on.

    UHMW Forming

    This polymer can be formed when hot and bended at various angles to give it the required bends and shape. Here, overheating must be prevented, else the polymer may burn. We also apply cold forming for this polymer to give it the required bends and angles. This is a preferred technique as it does not introduce cracks or stress in the material unlike heating. When using cold forming, we ensure increasing the angles or bending degree by more than 70% because of this polymer can spring back to its original size.

    UHMW Milling

    Milling, slotting, and cutting can be performed on this polymer effectively. Cutting tools used for aluminum work well here, and cutting can be performed at speeds varying from 60 to 100 feet per minute.

    UHMW Vacuum Forming

    In the vacuum forming process, this polymer is heated to a degree where it becomes soft but remains structurally intact and durable. The sheet is placed on a mold from where air inside is removed completely to form a vacuum. The sheet is allowed to cool and then trimmed to form the required shape.

    UHMW Properties

    These are some properties of UHMW-PE which make it a commonly used engineered thermoplastic for some of the most complex applications and across industries. Aside from its high molecular weight, here are some other important properties.

    Thermal Properties

    UHMW has a melting point varying between 125 and 138 degrees Celsius. Its coefficient of thermal expansion ranges between 2.34e-4 – 3.6e-4 strain/°C. Its operating temperature ranges between 110 and 130 degrees Celsius.

    HDPE Density

    The density of UHMW, depending upon the grade ranges between 931 and 949 kg/m^3.

    Machining Properties

    UHMW can be machined effectively, wherein usually annealing is performed prior to the process. This helps eliminate sintering-induced stresses. Rough machining is preferred prior to final machining to preserve the dimensional changes. You require sharp tools with high rake angles to machine this polymer. This prevents clogging of the material and distorted shape of the part cut. This polymer has a good tensile strength, impact strength, and hardness.

    Advantages of Using UHMW Parts

    There are many benefits of using UHMW-PE machined parts because of their amazing properties.

    Environment Resistant

    UHMW is resistant to abrasion, UV light, chemicals, moisture, heat, and so on. It is absolutely non-porous and semi-crystalline, and hence does not leave space for bacterial or fungal growth or any contaminants to enter inside a product.


    It has a good dielectric constant and impact strength, and electrical insulation properties as well. It offers excellent mechanical strength even in cryogenic conditions.


    These properties can be improved with the help of certain additives to improve anti-static properties, heat stability, and overall wear & tear resistance.


    It has a low coefficient of friction, and does not absorb any fluids or moisture.

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