Heat Bending

Heat Bending

At Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc., we often utilize heat bending techniques to form or reform thermoplastic sheets, rods, pipes, etc, or single curve materials. This process of thermoplastic heat bending offers us versatility in plastic production as different sizes, shapes, and bend angles can be achieved with it. These benefits of heat and line bending offer the freedom of ideation and conceptualization while customizing a plastic product. Therefore, we are capable of manufacturing custom products according to our customer’s requirements. Since it is performed using fixture systems and requires minimal tooling, heat-bent plastic parts are precise, cost-effective, and reliable.

What is Heat Bending?

Plastic heat bending is a plastic forming process in which thermoplastic material is heated at a specific temperature to soften. Post heating, the thermoplastic sheet is set on a fixture that is manufactured to the specific bend angles, and then is bent. Post bending, the natural or forced cooling is performed to set quickly so that the plastic retains the shape of the mold.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. Apart?

We offer post-heat bending treatments in order to minimize error possibility and increase product functionality and aesthetic appeal. We ensure the highest level of product quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction. As we own a fully-equipped production facility and experienced staff, Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. offers the quickest turnaround time in the industry. We follow ISO-compliant manufacturing processes to ensure the highest level of quality.

What is Our Process?

We accept designs in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. The designs are analyzed and discussed with the client for clarity. Any design changes are suggested in the initial stages. The prototype building begins after seeking their approval.


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    Plastic Heat Bending Capabilities of Ehren-Haus

    The following capabilities allow us to meet the most stringent requirements of plastic heat bending as desired by our clients.

    Strip Heating

    We employ strip heating for bending the plastic sheet in a straight line. Strip heating is effective because it does not require heating the whole sheet, only the spots to be bended can be heated using a strip heater. Strip heating can be done for single fold or multi-fold heat bending.

    Induction Bending

    In order to bend plastic pipes or rods, we can opt for induction heat bending as strip heating may not be suitable for curved objects.

    Post Bending Processes

    The heat bent plastic products may demand post-bending processes due to the application of stress, strain, and thermal energy during the process. We are capable of performing post bending processes like edge trimming, forced cooling, CNC plastic machining for surface finish and dimensional adjustments, etc.

    Benefits of Plastic Heat Bending

    There are multiple benefits of plastic heat bending that make it an ideal process for plastic manufacturing and one of the most opted processes at Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc.

    Freedom of Customization

    Design flexibility in heat bending offers freedom of customization. The products can be bent straight in line and also along the arc of a specific angle. Therefore, objects with sharp corners and curved faces or corners can be manufactured by the heat bending plastic part production process.


    Heat bending plastic parts production is highly cost-efficient. This process requires minimal capital investment and offers high economical profits. As the tools and equipment used for plastic heat bending are designed for versatility, only equipment can be used for the production of several products of varying design specifications.

    Mechanical Strength

    The heat bended products retain the same mechanical strength as molded products. Since the sheet is heated and instantly cooled, it retains the shape and the molecular structure during cooling itself. This way, heat bended products offer almost no deformation and gain higher sustainability.


    The heat bending process can be repeated numerous times by using the same equipment. Therefore, multiple products with the same dimensions can be manufactured using this process.

    Dimensional and Shape Stability

    Due to instant cooling after the bending process, the product retains the desired shape and dimensions quickly. This prevents the material from deformation or dimensional expansion therefore the dimensional and shape remain stable in heat bending plastic production.

    Rapid Production

    As heat bending is performed by on-spot heating, and quick set cooling, the process is less time-consuming. Therefore, rapid production and minimum turnaround time become a benefit of plastic heat bending.

    Why Choose Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc. for Plastic Heat Bending?

    Having been a contributor to the plastic production industry for over 35 years, we have built a strong client base across the United States. We are known for offering quality plastic production services amongst our clients, however, the following are the reasons for which we stand out as an ideal plastic heat bending service provider.

    We own 28,169 sq. ft. industrial facility out of which, 22,360 sq. ft. is dedicated to manufacturing. This allows us to procure and stock plastic production requisites like raw materials, equipment, fixtures, and tools to perform in-house plastic heat bending.

    We utilize automated or semi-automated equipment for plastic heat bending for precise, and rapid production.

    We have successfully performed plastic manufacturing on complex products from industries like aerospace, medical, automobile, marine, etc. Therefore, our staff has gained hands-on-experience and expertise.

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