Polycarbonate Fabrication

Polycarbonate Fabrication

Ehren-Haus provides polycarbonate fabrication and machining services for custom plastic parts and components. There are several other polycarbonate fabrication services in the US as well as the area we serve, however, we differ in terms of customization that we offer to suit your exact requirements.

What is Polycarbonate?

Plastics are commonly used to make parts and products of various categories, and hence plastic sheets are fabricated to convert them into various shapes, sizes, and designs. Polycarbonate is one such commonly used polymer which is a type of thermoplastic. It comes in various grades, can be machined, and is durable as well as flexible. Polycarbonates have high tensile strength and optical clarity. Ehren-Haus provides polycarbonate fabrication and machining services. There are several other polycarbonate fabrication services in the US as well as the area we serve, however, we differ in terms of customization that we offer to suit your exact requirements.

What Sets Ehren-Haus Apart?

We specialize in the plastic fabrication of small to large part sizes in quantities from prototypes to full production runs. The parts can be provided in precision tolerances to +/-0.005″. Our facility is equipped with advanced CNC machining equipment that allows us to perform precision fabrication and CNC machining services such as polycarbonate plastic forming, casting, cutting, and mold making in-house. In short, we provide a one-stop solution for all your polycarbonate fabrication and machining needs.

What is Our Process?

We accept designs for your plastic parts in IGS, CAD, and DXF formats. The designs are analyzed and discussed with the client for clarity. Any design changes are suggested in the initial stages. The prototype building begins after seeking their approval.


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    Custom Polycarbonate Fabrication and Machining Capabilities

    Here are our polycarbonate plastic fabrication and machining capabilities:

    Vacuum Forming

    Vacuum forming process allows us to make extremely complex shapes out of these polycarbonate sheets.


    Fusion or joining of two parts is quite essential in making a conjoined component or product. With our bonding capability, we join two or more different grades of polycarbonate depending upon the requirement. This is done through heat treatment.


    Create complex and simple bends throughout a sheet to assist in creating specific design requirements for covers, enclosures etc that eliminates all or some bonded seams. Adds strength and aesthetic appeal.


    This process, especially when repetitive requires extreme precision, when you need to make several parts of exactly the same dimensions. We can cut small and big parts such as chips as well as boards accurately.

    CNC Processes

    We offer plastic parts and components cnc machining, bending, routing, drilling, and various other processes for plastic sheet fabrication.

    Secondary processes

    Drilling, tapping plastic , buffing plastic, polishing fastening.

    Types of Polycarbonate Materials We Work With

    We work with various types of polycarbonate sheets. They can be categorized based on type and grade. The following are the popular types of polycarbonate sheets we work with.

    Flame & Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate

    These polycarbonate grades find application in auto components, aircraft components and so on. Here, it needs to be tough and resistant to fire, oil, and abrasive materials. This type of polycarbonate sheet is tough, resistant to flames, high temperatures, and other extreme conditions they may have to withstand.

    Clear Polycarbonate

    This is the typical, transparent and colorless polycarbonate type. This type is extremely flexible and can be customized to suit your requirements. For instance, you can coat a film on it to make it a glazed surface from one side. This offers protection from malicious as well as accidental breakage. Some grades of this type offer UV resistance and hence can be used to protect from continuous sunlight

    plastic material
    Colored or Tinted Polycarbonate

    This is used in applications where tinted surfaces are required such as amber colored bottles and so on. These are also used as roof sheets for terraces or open parking spaces. The commonly used tints are brown, gray, blue, and white.

    bullet resistant polycarbonate
    Bullet-resistant Polycarbonate

    The bullet resistant glass that is used in high security zones and vehicles is actually a bullet resistant polycarbonate sheets. Our expertise in bullet resistant polycarbonate plastic fabrication has helped us serve our clients for several years.

    FDA-approved Polycarbonate

    For packaging of food and medicines, FDA has some stringent requirements. The boxes or packaging material must be compliant with these FDA standards. This is mandatory for manufacturers.

    Benefits of Polycarbonate Fabrication and Machining

    ​There are several benefits of fabricated parts made of polycarbonate sheets. Here are some of them.

    UV protection

    While you can add glaze for UV protection, polycarbonate inherently filters UV rays to some extent and hence finds applications in eyewear.


    Polycarbonate is resistant to almost all physical parameters. They include shock, abrasion, heat, harsh weather, moisture, and so on. It has a high impact resistance and does not break easily.


    Polycarbonate is totally flexible and can be heavily customized. Depending upon the application, you can make it translucent, opaque from one side, or totally transparent.

    Insulation properties

    Polycarbonate is a naturally insulating material. It works well as an insulating material in electrical devices.

    Tint variety

    You can get a variety of standard tints in polycarbonate aside from the usual transparent sheet. They include brown, amber, blue, gray, and white. The properties of this type of plastic enables adding a color tint, but preserving its translucent properties.

    Why Choose Ehren-Haus for as a Polycarbonate Plastic Fabrication and Machining Services Partner?

    Our years of experience and a significant investment in technology and scientific research have yielded us much benefits and helped us gain the required expertise. Aside from this factor, here are some reasons why you would benefit by partnering with us for your polycarbonate plastic fabrication needs:

    Ehren-Haus has been providing polycarbonate plastic fabrication and machining services for 35+ years. This helps us know what works and what doesn’t across every industry that uses polycarbonate parts. Our customers have trusted us for competitive prices and quick turnaround on all challenging polycarbonate fabrication projects.

    We use CAD/CAM for tooling and product design. All machined parts are inspected by our experts at CMM-equipped Inspection Department. Our quality certifications AS9100 and ISO9001 are a testimony to our continuous improvement as a quality-driven organization.

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