Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few general and service related questions that we are asked on a frequent basis.

How thick of materials do you work with?

Full range of thicknesses i.e from ~ .015 – 3” of thicker.

Do you have the equipment needed for a full range of projects in-house?

We are a full service plastics fabricator and former. We have established relationships with other reliable and Quality conscious companies should a service be needed (i.e.- high volume printing) that we do not choose to do in house.

What do you need from me to start designing a part?

A sketch, drawing or conversation with a description of what you envision.

What sort of format do you need my design or idea in to get started?

Best format is a Solid works or CAD drawing. We can start with a pdf, sketch, sample or just a conversation.

How can I get a quote for the design of my plastic component?

Tell us what you need and what it is intended to do.

Does Ehren Haus Industries, Inc. use biodegradable plastics?

If required – we can pursue the possibly for a specific project.

Does Ehren Haus Industries, Inc. use recyclable plastics?

When requested and available – we are able to process, fabricate and form recyclable plastics.

Does Ehren Haus Industries, Inc. use recycled plastics?

When requested and available – we are able to process, fabricate and form recyclable plastics.

What if I don't have my idea on paper anywhere?

A conversation may can get you started.

What are average lead times?

1-3 weeks for design, 1-3 weeks for tooling/ molds if needed, 2-3 weeks for production.

Do you have a minimum production run?

We can accommodate 1- thousands. Just remember – the more you order the less you pay.

Do you ship and distribute products & services worldwide?


Do you work with clients that have small-volume projects?


How do you handle confidential information?

If information is designated and identified in advance as “Confidential” then it is only shared with others (including internally) on a need to know basis. If information shared is to be considered confidential -then an NDA should be signed in advance.

Is Ehren Haus Industries, Inc. an ISO registered company?

ISO compliant and audited by DOD.

Is all work done at your facility?

Usually – some processes may be outsourced.

What happens after a part is produced?

All parts are inspected and either staged for assembly or packing.

Who can I contact about my existing order?

Customer service by email or by phone.

How your shipping charges work?

Prepaid and add or collect. Customer’s choice.

How are my parts shipped?

FedEx ground or expedited, USPS or LTL carriers.

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