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Better Solutions in Plastic & Beyond

Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc is committed to providing better solutions in plastics and beyond.  To that goal from time to time, we have added services to answer the needs of you, our customer.   From design review, material analysis, value engineering or drop shipment and fulfillment, to relabeling, repackaging & reworking,  we are here to make your projects a total success. Our flexible production space allows us to offer assistance to fill in the gaps efficiently   utilizing process integrity and quality management .


Selection & Analysis

Every project's success is dependent on the material performance and characteristics.  It is critical to choose the right material for the application and one that will hold up to the function and environment the part will be in. I.e. a bushing was failing prematurely - come to find out the material used was a standard nylon instead of a wear resistant material like Teflon. Ehren-Haus has the experience to help you choose which material is best for your application.


Reverse and value engineering has been a request of many of our customers. Our customers are extremely capable of engineering their parts and pieces but look to us to evaluate the design for cost reduction and manufacturability.  We execute the process of value engineering and make recommendations that still adhere to form-fit-function.  The recommendations we make are purely that - just recommendations. The design and specifications of anything we produce are approved by each customer with or without the recommendations. On occasion, drawings and specifications are no longer available, but the part needs to be made. Reverse engineering of the part is needed to be able to produce the part.  We can accomplish this task with and produce the drawings considering form- fit- and function with consideration of cost avoidance and manufacturability.

Fulfillment & Warehousing

When a customer needs drop shipment capabilities, warehousing or even finished pack out with other items not produced here,  we can step in and assist. The program can be just on a 1 time basis or negotiated to be executed over a period of time. We are told that our attention to detail and our processes or traceability are of high value and give assurances to our customer that the job will be performed with professionalism.

Relabeling / Repacking

One thing in business that is absolutely guaranteed is CHANGE.  Some change such as regulations or even a change in offering configuration will require re-labeling and/or re-packaging. One can't sell or distribute what is mis-marked or mis-labeled. What if the pictorial measurement is incorrect on the box or the language is no longer in accordance with all regulations?  What if the overseas supplier packed too many in one box? Such issues will require the processes of re-labeling and/or re-packaging. Time and money is often wasted when returning all items back to the original supplier.  Ehren-Haus is process driven for repeatability and efficiency. With flexible production space and areas of segregation, we can efficiently do what is needed that others may not be experienced at.

Rework - Corrections

The current trend of outsourcing parts, components and assembly has been a way to save value time and money… and increase profitability without sacrificing quality.  On occasion the finished good and / or parts arrive with a surprise. It might be that a component in the part has unexpectedly failed or the adhesion of a piece is separating from its housing prematurely.  Re-work and correction is in order. Shipping back to make the correction is inefficient, extremely time consuming and very costly in light of back orders and unsatisfied customers. We are process dependent and can create an efficient process to make the corrections and rework the parts.  Flex space and 35 years of manufacturing experience allows for our skill sets to adapt to the requirements. Quality drives the process, quality drives the execution and quality re-work & correction is the result.

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