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Polycarbonate Vs Acrylic Plastic: Which One Is the Best for Your Application?

Plastic has gained popularity over metal and other materials due to its distinct advantages and price points. Today, various types of plastics are used for making daily use, commercial, and industrial products. Polycarbonate and acrylic are two types of plastics extensively used for making products across various industries. Although these two type Read More

Understanding Plastic Trade Names

Understanding the difference between a brand and material is a huge part of material selection when it comes to plastic. Lots of products in our everyday life are recognized by a brand name rather than the product itself i.e. kleenex, ziploc, bubble wrap, crock-pot, etc. Plastic is no different. There are plenty of resources out there for interp Read More

Common Plastic Forming Processes

Plastic products are made using a wide variety of processes. There are 5 common techniques used to produce most of the items you see every day. Plastic is a highly versatile material, both durable and disposable depending on the application. So with such a wide variety of products, how does plastic take on so many shapes? It’s all about the Read More

What Are the Best Clear Plastic Materials for Your PPE Solutions?

Safety has become one of the prime concerns for people across the globe post-COVID-19. Infection prevention has become important than ever. Hand sanitation and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is being promoted as one of the important infection prevention measures. The PPE usually comprises garments that are used by healthcare profession Read More

Today’s Plastic Electronics

In today’s world, it’s not unusual to think of plastic in association with electronics. However, some industries are taking the idea to the next level. How many times do you see/use electronics housed in plastic just during your morning commute? Plastic is light, cheap, readily available, and comes in an almost endless variety of colors and t Read More

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