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Why the Electronics Industry Is Choosing Plastic Enclosures and Boxes over Metal?

Electrical box enclosures are the box type cabinets used to protect sensitive elements inside electronic devices from outside elements. These enclosures are available in different types of metals and plastics materials in a wide-ranging specification. Although metal enclosures were predominantly used earlier due to their durability, the current de Read More

Plastic Shortages: What You Need to Know 2021

How many of you have lived the following scenario: Your manufacturer has informed you that the lead time for the plastic needed to fabricate your parts has been extended yet again. This has happened so many times in the past year, you've lost count. You wonder, ‘why does plastic seem to be so hard to get in a timely manner? Below we wil Read More

Top 7 Reasons Why Medical Device OEMs are Turning to Thermoforming

For years plastics have been consistently paving their way into our everyday lives. Everything from commercial to consumer electronics to daily use items contain plastics – their impact  can be clearly seen everywhere. It makes sense then that plastic parts are widely used within the medical industry, too. Medical-grade plastic production h Read More

How Plastic CNC Machining Has Transformed the Medical Industry in 2021

With progress in industrial automation, tools and machinery are typically controlled by pre-programmed computer software. Three-dimensional cutting tasks can be completed with a single set of instructions with CNC machining. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is used in a wide variety of industries. With their enhanced accuracy and quality Read More

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Acrylic Fabrication To Maximize Your Visual Merchandising Potential

Visual merchandising is a crucial part of retail marketing. Retail stores are aesthetically designed with attractive display fixtures in order to appeal to customers. These display fixtures help retailers to generate creative store interiors and exteriors that help them stand out from the competitors. Therefore, enhancing visual merchandising h Read More

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