Top 7 Reasons To Choose Acrylic Fabrication To Maximize Your Visual Merchandising Potential

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• June 04th,2021

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Acrylic Fabrication To Maximize Your Visual Merchandising Potential

Visual merchandising is a crucial part of retail marketing. Retail stores are aesthetically designed with attractive display fixtures in order to appeal to customers. These display fixtures help retailers to generate creative store interiors and exteriors that help them stand out from the competitors.

Therefore, enhancing visual merchandising has become a necessity for retailers. For the same reason, each store owner looks for unique ways to enhance visual merchandising. Today, retailers are choosing acrylic displays for enhancing visual merchandising. This is because acrylic fabrication can apply to all four elements of visual merchandising, i.e.; store exterior, store layout, store interior, and interior display. Is that all? No there’s more to it. This post discusses a few potential reasons to choose acrylic fabrication to improve your brand’s visual merchandising.

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7 Benefits of Choosing Acrylic Fabrication for Retail Displays

Acrylic fabrication has gained immense popularity in recent years owing to the following advantages that they offer.

1. Acrylic Fabrication is a Versatile Process:
Acrylic fabrication for displays and display cases offers great processing flexibility. Acrylic can be molded in a wide range of shapes. Also, it can be molded by various fabrication processes such as bonding/fusing, molding, vacuum forming, line bending, and more. This compatibility with various fabrication processes gives design flexibility. Thus, acrylic fabrication can be used to create products like displays and display cases, LED fixtures, product cases, product prototypes for display, and so on. What this means for your brand is that we can design something specific for your vision to help enhance your sales through presentation.

2. It offers Great Scope for Customization:
Customizability is a very useful property of plastic fabrication. Choosing the type of acrylic material and customizing shapes and sizes of acrylic displays for visual merchandising can be done easily. For instance, clear acrylic is suitable for indoor transparent acrylic fabrication display cases, and solar tinted acrylic is suitable for outside displays as it offers protection from UV radiation.

Also, acrylic sheets can be customized for color. Acrylic can be tinted during fabrication itself which reduces the need for a post-fabrication painting of products. It also increases the lifetime of colored/tinted acrylic products. This also means that your displays can be designed with your brand colors in mind without post-production costs.

3. It Offers Great Aesthetics:
Acrylic naturally offers a smooth surface finish. Acrylic fabrication requires minimum post-fabrication processes like surface finishing, flame polishing, buff polishing etc. Therefore, they offer appealing aesthetics due to smooth surface finish. Also, in the case that surface polishing is needed, the acrylic products can be flame polished.

4. It is Light in Weight:
Acrylic is light in weight, which makes it transportable and easily manageable in a retail store. Being lightweight, the acrylic displays can be easily carried to tradeshow venues, or other such events attended by a retailer. If you plan to use your display in a permanent retail location, then its light weight enables interior redesigns easier.

5. It is Highly Durable:
The acrylic fabrication process produces durable, high quality products. These highly durable products reduce the need for frequent repair, replacement, and maintenance. It certainly reduces the expenses on maintaining the aesthetics of your visual merchandising.

6. High Strength and Security:
Often in retail stores, display cases also serve as security devices for products. Through transparent acrylic cases, the products can be displayed effectively AND Safely. The strength of acrylic cases helps protect the stored products against theft. That is why acrylic fabrication for display cases is a great choice.

7. It is Immune to Environmental Factors:
Acrylic products can resist dust, dirt, water, and temperature to some extent. Some types of acrylic are also immune to UV light, abrasion, etc. This adds value to the easy maintenance of acrylic-made display fixtures and other artistic objects in the retail store.

Acrylic can be smartly paired with light fixtures, artistic objects, etc which will uplift the aesthetics of the retail store during day and night. It can be very well used for interior and exterior displays.

With this knowledge of reasons to choose acrylic fabrication to improve visual merchandising, you should strongly consider sourcing high-quality and finely manufactured acrylic displays and cases for your retail stores. Equally important is to source custom plastic fabrication services from reliable manufacturers like Ehren-Haus.


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